LHC Machine Outreach

Upcoming in 2007
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During 2007 the SPS will see a number of major beam related tests looking towards LHC operations.

  • July and August: beam down TI8 to one of the LHC's front doors (repeat of test first performed in 2004).
  • September: Ions into the SPS - preparation for the injection of ions into the LHC.
  • October: beam down TI2 to the other LHC front door (clockwise beam).

LHC with beam

Delays have pushed the schedule back and it looks as if we won't see beam in 2007.

LHC installation

2007 is the year. There is a huge amount to do. Potential milestones include:

  • Cooldown of first sector (7-8)
  • Installation of the 1232th dipole.
  • Installation of the last cryo-magnet (1746th)
  • Installation and commissioning of RF system
  • Powering of the first sector to nominal current (sector 7-8)
  • Completion of interconnect work - continuous vacuum.